Jon Desir





My relationship with Jeff and FSM started in 2009 when I was asked to be the contact between my studio, and Jeff to host the FOCUS event for that year.  The night of the event I fell in love with the kids and the mission of the organization. Here was a group of students that were so passionate about what we do at such a young age.  They reminded me of me and my friends except they already had a better head on their shoulders. That said, when I looked around the studio I worked at, there weren’t many of us represented.  And the other studios I worked at had the same lack of diversity.

As a Haitian American man, I have been very lucky to have exposure to this industry in different ways than most.  I was fortunate to have an older brother already in the business, so he opened me up to this wonderful world of Production and Advertising.  After learning more about it, it troubled me to see people who looked just like me, and wanted the same things, struggling to achieve them. Once again, more luck has come to me by crossing paths with FSM, so naturally I wanted to get more involved.  

Over the next few years, I started to participate by attending other events.  And eventually being a part of the FOCUS committee. I was also able to bring in some interns from the program at 2 studios that I have worked at.  All of that led to eventually becoming a board member and being more involved than ever. I love what I do in my career and feel very passionate about helping the next generation do the same.  I am equally inspired by the wide variety of amazing people who feel the same way and help contribute to FSM’s mission. This same variety should be reflected in the workplace across the board, and it is an honor to be a part of the movement that will help invoke this change.