Liz Tate





Growing up in downstate Illinois, I was a good student in high school but hadn’t figured out a solid career path that would direct me toward a particular college.  I was introduced to filmmaking by a friend who asked me to join him in being a production assistant on a small film being shot by some college students who were home for the summer. I loved being a part of the film crew and helped out over the whole project as an intern to the small production company. I realized that this job could be a career, and that propelled me toward Northwestern University, where I majored in filmmaking. I have been a working creative film editor for the last 30 years.

Spending time with the youth in Free Spirit Media and sharing my skills and knowledge allows me to give back by showing students that there are attainable careers in the arts. Especially in times like these when the arts are under-funded in our public education, I can be a role model for those students who might be discouraged from choosing art as a career path.  It’s my way of paying forward the opportunities that were given to me as a teenager that changed my life forever.