Bria Royal

Former Engagement and Digital Communications Coordinator (Last Updated 2018)

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TWITTER:  @fknroyal

Bria Royal is a 2016 graduate of Northwestern University, where she studied Communications, Film and Psychology, and she uses those fields to guide her approach toward creative modes of storytelling, such as through her paintings, animations, and comics. Through her independent artistic ventures, she has published her work and participated in many galleries, festivals, and conferences. She seeks use those platforms, as well as her role as the Engagement and Digital Communications Coordinator at Free Spirit Media, to curate opportunities for youth to explore diverse forms of arts expression. As a Chicago native, Bria also organizes alongside many social justice organizations throughout the city as a member of For the People Artists Collective and the People's Response Team to address systemic issues affecting our intersecting communities. Outside of the arts, Bria often facilitates workshops around themes of transformative justice and issues related to mental health in activist spaces.



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