Briana J Shields

Communications Coordinator


I'm Briana J Shields, I grew up on the Westside of Chicago in Austin.

Today I am proud to be a graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, where I received my BFA in illustration and visual communications. As an illustrator I enjoy creating whimsical, vibrant, light-hearted imagery that reflects my persona and attitude towards life. Meanwhile, as a visual communicator, I understand that art done in the modern world is often expressed digitally. This is where I let my graphic design and photography skills shine.

I often find myself being deeply inspired by organic shapes/elements from nature or the work of artists, bloggers, photographers and stylists whose practice revolves around food. In the end I've allowed my inspirations to become my profession and a determination to create mixed media lifestyle/culture and food illustrations that help businesses and individuals convey the results, quality of their products, and creations that they also felt a deep passion for.

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