Caroline Olsen

Communications Associate, Public Interest Program Fellow


Caroline is a recent graduate who was introduced to Free Spirit Media though Northwestern's Public Interest Program. With a degree in Journalism and Asian American Studies, she hopes to use her education to highlight the voices of those often pushed to the margins. Her past projects include making an oral history archive of stories of Native Americans living in Chicago, producing a documentary about a cumbia band of undocumented immigrants who sing about their status to uplift their community and participate in local activism, and filming for a documentary TV show in Johannesburg, South Africa that focused on stories of hope within a city still experiencing the aftershock of apartheid. Through her fellowship as the Communications Associate at FSM, she's excited about learning new ways to use media produced by FSM participants to engage the community in productive story sharing exchanges. Caroline is a proud Chicago transplant who originally hails from the Washington, D.C. area.

The Public Interest Program Fellowship position is made possible by generous support from the Steans Family Foundation. 


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