Keta Glenn

Teen Media Manager


Keta Glenn is a recent University of Illinois at Chicago graduate with a Master’s Degree in Education, Youth Development. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at Columbia College majoring in Fine Art Photography, with a strong interest in journalism and activism. Due to the increasing number of youth deaths and violence in Chicago, Keta has become very passionate about the youth voice, identity and community. She hopes, to provide a voice for those that were silenced by society.

Keta has spent the last nine years of her career journey working in the Chicago education system. During this time she analyzed the different components of learning, behavior, values and environment; and how this creates a culture and a society. Keta has spent the majority of her career in the Chicago Public School System but has also worked in a private Montessori school and has taken those opportunities to observe and study the education system. Along with her interest in education, Keta has also worked on several conceptual photography projects studying identity and origin; focusing on how the external things in life create our internal beings, and how it defines who we are as people and how we see the world.


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