Michael Falevits

Former Program Coordinator, FSM News South


Garnering over a decade of experience in the film, media and educational industries, Michael has always believed in creating an environment that fosters and inspires creativity and unconditional positive regard. As an educator, Michael has supported the well being of children throughout the Chicago metropolitan area at various organizations including The University of Chicago Orthogenic School, and The Joy Faith Knapp Child Center, Chicago. He has also served as a High School and Elementary football coach for 10 seasons. He was awarded Coach of the Year in 2011 by the Niles North Junior Viking Football Program.

Throughout this time, he continued to establish his career as a filmmaker. Proven to be a multifaceted industry professional, Michael has served as a Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Key Grip, Gaffer and Photographer for narrative and documentary films, music video work, and marketing campaigns. As a photographer, Michael's images have appeared in newspapers and editorials such as The Chicago Tribune and TimeOut Magazine. He has also garnered valuable industry experience as a principal actor and assistant director through collaborating with acclaimed artists such as Michael Keaton, Roger Ebert’s “Director of the Decade”, Rhamin Bharini, Steve Scott, the Associate Producer of the Goodman Theatre, and MacArthur Fund Award winning director, David Cromer.

With this industry experience, Michael was able to acquire college credit earning him a Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting and Directing for the Film and Theatre through the University Without Walls Program at Northeastern Illinois University. Michael looks forward to bringing his passion, experience and expertise as a filmmaker and educator to Free Spirit Media.


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