Soni Sinha

Development Director


Soni Sinha has been involved in the nonprofit sector for decades and brings more than 15 years of experience as a fundraiser, advisor, program director, community advocate and asset building practitioner to Free Spirit Media. Her specializations include research and implementation of sustainable models, establishing socially conscious and diverse funding streams, fund and partnership development, strategic planning and program design.  She has helped generate interest, revenue and momentum for numerous local and national programs.

As an asset building practitioner, she has shared her knowledge during conferences, trainings and forums focused on serving low to middle income populations through education, training, community financial services, alternative financial management tools, innovative programming and/or related policies. Her work has included leading one of the largest free community tax preparation sites, designing revenue-generating financial products, building a financial choice center and advocating for the growing needs of low to middle income families.

Soni has held positions at the Center for Economic Progress, National Community Tax Coalition, Children’s Outing Association, Erie Neighborhood House, JP Morgan Chase and has worked in partnership with the Center for Financial Security and Innovation, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Corporation for Enterprise Development, the City of Chicago and numerous other organizations committed to economic development and making an impact.

Soni Sinha was a merit scholar and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Science in Communication from Northwestern University. Her work in multicultural affairs, fine arts and asset building has received national recognition. She is truly dedicated to supporting the growth of people and society through the arts and other holistic methods. In her free time, Soni enjoys writing children’s books, painting and producing independent film projects. Soni is thrilled to be part of Free Spirit Media and demarcates her role as an ideal conglomeration of her expertise, interests and passion for transforming media, film, and television.