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Hidden in Plain Sight

June 23, 2015 | 14:24

Produced by: Tyshawn Martin
Hidden In Plain Sight tackles the controversial issue of racism in sports, focusing on professional basketball. This study investigates whether in professional basketball associations and the NCAA there has been hidden racism between players, coaches and owners. I found implicit racism exists in basketball associations. In this documentary, I tried to capture the feelings of some coaches, players and experts on racism to use as evidence to argue how racism does exist in basketball associations, although the organizations try to hide it. The idea I want people to walk away with after watching this is that we live in age where media is very powerful, so if you see racism speak up about it. We can’t omit racism from society, but we can at least isolate it and take it away from the sports we love, work areas, and even schools. Tyshawn completed this youth-produced short documentary as a senior in high school.

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