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Demystifying the Fair Use Act - Live Stream

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The event has officially been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 13 from 6-7PM! Thank you for your patience!

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From the Academy Award nominated production company, Kartemquin Films, producer/director, Maggie Bowman along with Artistic Director and founding member, Gordon Quinn headline an event that will hopefully empower the rights of independent film and media makers everywhere.

As independent filmmakers and journalists, we may not always have the means necessary to capture critical footage such as major events overseas or, let's say, the White House. Nor, might we have the means to license the exsisting footage of these events from other major media outlets.

Therefore, do we still have the capacity to respond credibly to breaking news and/or major events if we don't have the means to film it? Is it always necessary to pay for the right to legally use media regarding events and/or political discourse that can potentially effect our human rights?

Through demystifying the Fair Use Act along with sharing other relevant expertise, Ms. Bowman and Mr. Quinn look forward to empowering our rights as film and media makers with credible and relevant answers to these questions.

We will be live streaming our panel on our Facebook page.