Food business incubator, the Hatchery, opens in East Garfield Park

alt text By Pascal Sabino, Environmental Health and Wellness Editor, The Real Chi & Industry Pathways 2018 Cohort

Trinisa Williams is a member of the Hatchery, a food business incubator opened Dec. 6 in East Garfield Park. She's also a resident of Garfield Park— one of only a few West Side entrepreneurs working with the Hatchery to start a business. 

The $34 million facility brings a massive investment and hundreds of jobs to one of the city's most disinvested neighborhoods. But what kind of change will that investment bring, and who will it serve?

See how the community is preparing to make sure that the transformation that the Hatchery is bringing is one that is inclusive of the residents of Garfield Park, and how entrepreneurs like Trinisa are making sure that their community is not left behind.