ENOUGH: School Walkout to End Gun Violence | Gary Comer College Prep, Chicago


On March 14th, 2018, students from Gary Comer College Prep in Chicago, IL decided to participate in the nationwide school walkout to honor the victims of the Parkland tragedy and end gun violence. Filmed by FSM South crew in collaboration with Free Spirit Media. #Enough


By Patricia Joyner

Hosting the walkout as a junior at Gary Comer College Prep along with four other seniors made me feel empowered as a young African American female in Chicago. I wanted everyone to feel like they have a voice to speak out about any injustice that affects them or their community. I felt a sense of urgency to participate in this movement because sadly my peers and I are affected by the continuous tragedy of gun violence. We wanted to show unity not only with the victims and their families in Parkland, Florida but with the entire country that is plagued with gun violence.