Art in the Dark parade showcases Halloween in an Artistic Way

alt text By Sabrina Hart, Arts & Culture Reporter, The Real Chi

On Saturday, October 19th, Artists, students, residents and all those looking to get into a spooky mood for the Halloween holiday came together for the Art in the Dark parade on State Street in Downtown Chicago. The Arts in the Dark parade hosted students and performers of all ages, including ones from different states, to participate in the parade, in order to shine a light on performance and art. 

This event presented a variety of different kinds of art, including things like human sculptures, the art of fire breathing, and a diversity of culture and dance. Luma8, an independent non-profit arts organization, is responsible for continuing the Art in the Dark parade each year,. This year, Luma8 partnered with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and the Chicago Park District to put on the Halloween parade for this year.