Hoops High Presents Inaugural Dunk Contest at 2019 All Star Game

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alt text By Demarco Trammell, Criminal Justice and Reform Reporter, The Real Chi

HoopsHigh has a great lineup of basketball action lined up ahead for fans this summer.

It all begins on July 25 with the inaugural dunk contest followed by the All Star Game during the 2019 Mid Summer Fun Fest. In the first ever dunk contest, the format will be similar to the dunk contest that’s held during NBA All-Star Weekend. There will be two rounds, participants can perform any dunk of their choice and the highest score that a player can get is a 30.

Trillo Thompson of North Lawndale and Jamarius Sneed of Crane Medical Prep are players to keep an eye on.

WGN’s morning sports anchor Pat Tomasulo and Free Spirit Media’s founder, Jeff McCarter will be making special appearances as celebrity judges.

In last year’s All Star Game, the West prevailed over the East 88-85, and Damarcus Williams was named the player of the game.

After the Dunk Contest and All Star game concludes, the 10th edition of the HoopsHigh Summer Classic continues its play. Beginning on July 9, 16 of the best high school teams in Chicago, have been battling it out to see who’s got game.

Production Coordinator for Hoops High, Sherice Rushing, loves competition that’s been exhibited during the tournament. “They are good games, I mean each team that comes in, they bring their A game, there’s no slacking, they’re competitive, they play and they do what they need to do in order to secure that win.”

Technology Coordinator, Joshua Jackson, revealed the tournament isn’t the only thing fans can enjoy. “We also have a concession stand, so you can go there and buy food, and you can relax the whole day. It’s free, you don’t have to pay an admission, it’s in the park, it’s easily accessible, so yeah people should come, it’s real important,” he said.

Rushing also expressed the importance of community support during this occasion. “Coming out and seeing the youth that are not on the street, that are not engaged in gang activity, that are actually doing something, I think that can still show us that it gives us hope, we still got somebody that wants something out of life, that they want to do something with themselves.”

Program Coordinator, Nika Clark, echoed the same position as her. “There’s amazing stuff that’s going on here every day, that doesn’t get showcased. I think it’s imperative that we showcase what we’re doing positive, showcasing that here we have teens that are doing every single position. And they’re not just playing basketball too. They are running a broadcast. I want to showcase all of those light spots we have going on,” she said.

Fans can catch all the action, streaming live on Facebook or YouTube.