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City committee approves $20 million tax incentive for shipping center despite resistance from Little Village Residents

The Chicago City Council Committee on Economic, Capital, and Technology Development voted on Friday, March 1 to approve a tax break for a controversial shipping center in Little Village. The Class 6(b) tax incentive for the site of the former Crawford Generating Station will now move to city council for a full vote, despite protests from residents that the project will be harmful to their health.

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This year's Mexican independence Parade has one message: Families belong together

Every year, thousands of spectators gather in Little Village and cheer “Viva Mexico” during the 26th Street Mexican Independence Day Parade. This year, amid separation of families at the border and deportations in the Latino community, another message underlied the event: that families should not be split up.

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Community Mobilizes to Support Families of Those Lost in Fire

Ramiro Rodriguez, pastor of Amor de Dios church, got a call on the morning of Sunday, Aug. 26 informing him about the house fire in Little Village. The caller asked that his church pray for those who died and their families.

By the evening of Aug. 28, the basement of the church was filled with volunteers organizing donations for the families affected by the house fire, which claimed the lives of ten children.

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Insect Asylum Brings an Exploration Through Time to Ravenswood Gallery

Since December, Salem has dedicated countless of hours fixing, cleaning and repairing over 2,000 specimens, including butterflies, dragonflies, moths, bees and more, for her latest exhibit, Bug Out Chicago – An Exploration of Insects through Time, which will be featured from July 27 to Aug. 5 at the Ars Memoria Tattoo and Art Gallery in Ravenswood.

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