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'Sagging' remains as fashion trends come and go

VIDEO: Men have been sagging for years, but many believe that the trend of sagging has become more drastic in today’s generation. The levels of sagging are getting lower and lower, even as far as to the knees. We set out to investigate why men continue to sag and where people believe sagging originates from.

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Art Ideology

VIDEO: Chicago has received a lot of headlines the past few years for the bad and the ugly. In the mainstream media, our city has become known for its crime. Yet through it all, Chicago is still one of the biggest exporters of entertainers, musicians and all-round artists (Bernie Mac, Kanye West and Walt Disney).

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This is my Body

VIDEO: The day after President Trump’s inauguration 250 thousand people in Chicago marched together for women’s rights, a common worry among these protesters is the attack on Planned Parenthood and the things that may come along with it, like abortion becoming illegal

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