Alumni Come Home to FSM

By FSM Communications

When FSM students graduate from high school, they often ask how they can stay involved with the organization. The answers usually have been “come to the reunion,” “visit our classes,” and “open some doors for the next kid.” All good answers, but this past summer, FSM went further. Two former students returned from their freshman year at college to assist with programming. Antwone Smith (Westinghouse ‘06) worked on the HoopsHIGH staff. He helped the annoucers improve their speaking, researching, and script writing skills, and challenged each announcer to develop an individual style. The former HoopsHIGH announcer is studying Communications at the University of Illinois where he has his own radio show. Sable Narette (NLCP ‘06) brought her energy and new knowledge as a first year broadcast journalism major at Syracuse University in New York to work as a production assistant on FSM’s Umoja Community Builders Summer Internship program. Sable, who wants to be a talk show host, helped the young video makers overcome their shyness as they conducted interviews for their documentaries on violence in communities and schools. Both Sable and Antwone returned to college this fall with increased confidence and leadership skills from their work this summer.

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