A Pro in Nicaragua: Free Spirit Media Guest Blogger J'mme Love, Free Spirit Media PRO Producer

By J'mme Love

It’s been a few weeks getting back to normal since I had another amazing opportunity to film abroad with Free Spirit PRO, for The Peace Exchange. This is the 2nd documentary for The Peace Exchange crew, which this time took place in the beautiful Central American country of Nicaragua, with a new group of very much engaged, creative, and compassionate young people leading the way, traveling the world for the sole cause of peace.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.36.51 PM.png

The trip started as soon as we landed in Managua Nicaragua's airport, were we were met our guides and translators, who began with emerging and in depth insight to what we should expect, what our plans are, and to where we'd be traveling within the country.

It was so many sweet moments to watch The Peace Exchange crew as I filmed their reactions seeing the natural beauty of Nicaragua, exploring new foods, and making new friends, and not to mention practicing Spanish as we interacted with locals.

From farms to metro cityscapes, to laid back beachfront resorts, to revolutionary built communities, to street children rescue homes, Nicaragua had a lot to offer as a traveler, but far more to offer as a catalyst to telling The Peace Exchange’s mission which you should all look forward to.

The first ever The Peace Exchange documentary filmed in 2014 and made a huge impact after its completion, gaining popularity amongst CPS students, other filmmakers, National Public Radio, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and the documentary even made it to the 2014 Chicago Emmy Masters List.

I know that this year’s The Peace Exchange documentary will be another great piece for all to enjoy. Look forward to The Peace Exchange part 2, to be released by the end of the summer.

Bon Voyage!