Free Spirit Media films screened at the Chicago Cultural Center


By FSM Communications


On Saturday, April 21, Free Spirit Media and WTTW hosted a screening and panel discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center. The selected pieces were documentaries and one narrative film that cover youth responses to gun violence. 

Youth know what they’re doing. We want to be heard and we will take advantage of the platform we have now.
— Yarnome Hamilton, Free Spirit PRO

"National School Walkout & March For Our Lives" covers some of the Chicago school walkouts as well as the march in Washington, DC. It was produced by Free Spirit PRO and edited by Yarnome Hamilton. "South Side students on National School Walkout Day" is a Real Chi Youth piece by Briana Madden, Pascal Sabino and Arlana Shikongo, about students from the four CPS schools in Englewood slated to close marching to City Hall with their demands that extend violence beyond just school shootings. "Enough: School Walkout To End Violence" is an FSM News South piece that covers the Gary Comer Youth Center walkout, which was organized by FSM youth artist, Patricia Joyner. "North Lawndale College Prep DC Trip" follows a group of students from Chicago's West Side neighborhoods to the march in DC. And "Chosen Foe Life" is a narrative film about young man’s path that is altered forever after he nearly loses his life to gun violence, directed by FSM alum Montel Williams. 

I wanted to highlight the voices of the South Side students. No one was looking at the students who experience gun violence on a daily basis.
— Arlana Shikongo, Real Chi Youth

In case you missed the screening at the Cultural Center, you can still watch the films on WTTW on May 3 from 10 to 11 PM!

Photos by Cheyenne Banks