Organizers and Community members tell City Hall they want #NoCopAcademy


by Arlana Shikongo, Alloiza Mari and Ariel Walton

The City of Chicago met to vote on an ordinance to purchase property at 4301 W. Chicago Ave, Garfield Park, to build a state-of-the-art police and fire training academy. Local communities and social organizers are in opposition of the ordinance, and want the city to allocate funding to more community based resources like schools, affordable housing, mental health facilities and local business. 

RCY reporters, Arlana Shikongo, Alloiza Mari and Ariel Walton attended the #NoCopAcademy press conference held prior to the Nov. 8 council meeting to speak to the activists, organizers and community members in attendance. Supporters of the movement urged the City of Chicago to reconsider the proposed allocation of these resources, and instead use the estimated $95 million budget for community building initiatives.

Correction: This video originally stated that City Council voted unanimously to move forward with the proposed police academy.  However, the final vote was 49-1, with Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa of the 35th Ward being the only dissenting vote.