A Real Chi Youth podcast: Advocate Kelly Hayes, urges us to pursue direct action to threats to medicaid


Even with Trumpcare failing to pass the Senate, the Republican-majority Congress seems dead set on shrinking the size of Medicaid, which provides health coverage to 3 million people in Illinois. This includes: half of all children in the state, people with disabilities, women during pregnancy, and those needing treatment for special circumstances such as drug addiction. Obamacare expanded Medicaid, giving coverage to uninsured adults earning less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level, which is $13,860 annual income for an individual.

Real Chi Youth reporters Justin Johnson and Shantasia Lewis talked with Kelly Hayes, a writer for Truthout and Native rights and disability advocacy organizer working with Lifted Voices and the Chicago Light Brigade. She sees first hand the damages that these potential cuts will cause. Kelly wants to spark activism in Illinois to stop any roll back of Medicaid in our state which will have a major impact on access to health care for many years to come.