Woman and men working in stereotypical workforces embrace the idea of equality


There are many women in the men “work force” areas that are judged daily because most men feel as though a woman can’t do a man’s job such as; computer science, construction, etc. However, when a male comes into a woman’s “workplace” such as; cosmetology, culinary, and nursing, it’s pretty much open arms.

In this outstanding podcast, Real Chi Youth reporters Sapphire Snow and Ahnia Ricks talks with owner of the Loxxofhair-Kaimorion Martin and computer science major Niti Prasad. Both, Kaimorion and Niti works in stereotypical industries- here’s how they dissect it.

Mr.Martin and Ms. Prasad both explained how they feel about the stereotypes in the work force and gave the reporters some knowledge. Mr. Martin stated how in most industries, including hair, males are dominant.