You reap what you sow at New Horizons Garden

alt text By Chelsea Berry, Arts and Culture Reporter, The Real Chi

According to Rev. Celeste Groff, gardening is good for the body. A pastor at North Lawndale’s Chicago First Church of Brethren and caretaker of New Horizons Community Garden, she knows firsthand that the key to growth involves care. Especially for Groff, gardening is not just about reaping the benefits of fruits and vegetables. It’s about being consistent and tending to the needs of the garden. Digging, watering and being aware of how weather can affect the plants – those are small, tedious, yet important factors that are all important to the garden’s growth, but those can also help a person grow into a better self. Groff spoke with The Real Chi about how gardening can be a tool to living a fuller, healthier life.