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You reap what you sow at New Horizons Garden

According to Rev. Celeste Groff, gardening is good for the body. A pastor at North Lawndale’s Chicago First Church of Brethren and caretaker of New Horizons Community Garden, she knows firsthand that the key to growth involves care. Especially for Groff, gardening is not just about reaping the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

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Curvy Chick Yoga spotlights self-care by building strong minds and bodies

Facing constant battles with mental health, Angelica Lewis, a resident of North Lawndale, turned to her yoga mat to find inner peace and balance. She began visiting area yoga studios, but while there, she often found herself displaced. Lewis said she’s a curvier woman, and most classes or instructors weren’t considerate of her body’s needs.

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Can Misogyny Be Reversed Through Education?

VIDEO: Men have been sagging for years, but many believe that the trend of sagging has become more drastic in today’s generation. The levels of sagging are getting lower and lower, even as far as to the knees. We set out to investigate why men continue to sag and where people believe sagging originates from.

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