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Through interactive event, Westside organization puts people in the shoes of re-entering individuals

Imagine exiting the realities of being incarcerated — an experience that has been proven to be traumatic for a lot of people — and facing the stress of re-entering society; to wake up, go about life and not be considered a citizen despite already paying one’s debt to society. There are many people who inquire about the effects of mass incarceration; how are people affected by it and what can be done to dismantle this system?

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Chicago teachers stage nation's first-ever charter school strike for sanctuary schools, better teaching conditions

In the early hours of the morning, hundreds of teachers and thousands of families finally got word that today would not be just another Tuesday. Unionized educators from 15 Acero charter schools walked picket lines instead of hallways today, after calling the first-ever charter school strike in American history over true sanctuary schools and better teaching conditions.

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Comedic Improv and Mental Health

Most mental health facilities involve white rooms, kleenex boxes, and an overall “clinical” feel. Kanesha Walker Amaro, is the founder and CEO of consulting firm “Flipped Conscious. She is creating opportunities for mental health to be dissected in black and brown communities that feels more comfortable. Her tool of choice is improv, though the exact relationship between improv and mental health is still being discovered.

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