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Public Transport, Private Treatment: Is the CTA Different Around the City?

The CTA plays a large part in the lives of many Chicagoans. With over 1.6 million bus and train trips said to be taken on the average weekday, it's clear that the public transportation system is functioning well despite recent competition from ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber. But just how well is CTA serving its West side customers?

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Accessibility at the Taste Good But Could Use More Work

Many cite the Taste of Chicago as the biggest food festival in the world, with many kinds of delicious food all in one place.. For Zhen Heinemann, director of Visitors Experiences at the Taste of Chicago, it’s important to have accessibility be a main focus for the festival.

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The Taste of Chicago needs to continue making strides for the Vegan Community to feel welcome

The Taste of Chicago is one of the city’s biggest family-oriented food festivals that gives the public diverse food options to enjoy. This year, the Taste of Chicago had a total of eighty-two vendors, including five-day vendors and pop-ups. Twenty-seven gave vegan options, and eleven out of the twenty-seven were just desserts, sending a message to those looking for vegan options that the Taste of Chicago may not be the festival for them.

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