FSM wins at October film festivals

by FSM Communications

Drive Slow team at NYTVF!

Drive Slow team at NYTVF!

October brought even more festival wins for Free Spirit Media participants. InPathways alum Terrence Thopmson's Drive Slow won Best Student Film at the Gary International Black Film Festival. The Drive Slow team also just returned from the New York TV Film Festival, bringing back new media connections and memories. 

Poster designed by  Free Spirit Media Pathways  member Alexis Esparza featuring Simeon Frierson's photography. 

Poster designed by Free Spirit Media Pathways member Alexis Esparza featuring Simeon Frierson's photography. 

Three other InPathways participants participated in the Camp Kuleshov competition, an invite-only editing contest. Board member Jon Desir sponsored Yarnome Hamilton and Olivia Pearson and, Quriosity Productions sponsored Miles Santiago. 

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A Real Chi Youth film and two NLCP senior documentaries made it into the International Women's Film Festival. Check out the films below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel the most recent media pieces delivered straight to your inbox! 

Reacl Chi Youth: With women making up the majority of the United States population, there shouldn't be much inequality based on gender. Sadly, there is. Throughout the entire United States Congress, only nineteen percent of the seats are held by women. That means that only 90 seats are held by women.

NLCP Christiania: Jakyrah's documentary will be focusing on the depiction of women in the media and society. Her driving question is, Should the media and society stop portraying the idea of a perfect woman? Jakyrah came up with this question because as a woman she has noticed that there are a lot of advertisements that reflect on beauty products for women and also comments made by men and women who have a distorted view on the way women should look like.

NLCP Collins: How does breast cancer impact women not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically? Through her interviews with healthcare professionals, as well as breast cancer survivors, Heaven Alexander's documentary explores the risk factors and treatment of breast cancer, then delves beneath the basic facts to understand the mental toll of the widespread disease.