Documentary Pre-Production Underway for NLCP Seniors - Share your Story!

by FSM Communications

Two crews of high school documentary filmmakers in FSM classes at North Lawndale College Prep have launched research and outreach for their short documentary films on a variety of social issues.

Watch the student bios here.


Lead Teacher: Keta Glenn,

  • Poverty [Driving Question: How does poverty affect predominantly minority communities?]
  • Police Brutality [Driving Question: How can we improve police relations with black people?]
  • Gambling [Driving Question: How does gambling affect the economic well-being of the African American family?]
  • The Culture of Catcalling [Driving Question: Can a catcall ever be a compliment?]
  • Race Relations: MLK vs. Malcolm X Approach [Driving Question: What is the most effective way to improve race relations?]
  • Higher Education [Driving Question: Why is college worth going to if it's so expensive?]
  • Animal Cruelty [Driving Question: Should animals be exempt from medical and beauty product testing? Why or why not?]


Lead Teacher: Brandon Johnson,

  • Education & Success [Driving Question: Does the level of your education determine your level of success?]
  • Homelessness [Driving Question: How are funds allocated to address the homeless epidemic?]
  • Racial Stereotypes in the Media [Driving Question: What stereotypes mostly affect teens?]
  • Education [Driving Question: What does it mean to be educated?]
  • Effective Schools for Troubled Students [Driving Question: What is the best way to discipline high school students?]
  • Mass Incarceration [Driving Question:TBD]
  • Materialism [Driving Question: Does materialism have a negative impact on today's society?]

Each student will produce their own 8-10 minute film on topics of their choice, working to execute their vision with the FSM teaching staff based at NLCP-Christiana and NLCP-Collins.

See a topic in which you have personal or professional expertise?

Open to being interviewed on camera? Send us a note and help enrich these budding documentarians’ stories!

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WATCH: Special Olympics: We Are Athletes Too is an example of a senior documentary produced last year. Watch more here.