WATCH: Real Chi Youth premieres Fall documentaries

By FSM Communications

Free Spirit Media's Real Chi Youth reporters have just completed another round of pivotal documentaries analyzing key issues in our communities. We are excited to see the conversations that emerge from these pieces! Check them out below:

Art Ideology: Chicago has received a lot of headlines the past few years for the bad and the ugly. In the mainstream media, our city has become known for its crime. Chicago was ranked second in segregation, according to 2016 statics from 24/7 Wall St.

Can Misogyney be Reversed through Education?: With women making up the majority of the United States population, there shouldn't be much inequality based on gender. Sadly, there is. Throughout the entire United States Congress, only nineteen percent of the seats are held by women. That means that only 90 seats are held by women.

This is by Body: The day after President Trump's inauguration 250 thousand people in Chicago marched together for women's rights, a common worry among these protesters is the attack on Planned Parenthood and the things that may come along with it, like abortion becoming illegal.