Founders' Circle brings together leaders and creators to engage in Crucial Conversations

By FSM Communications


On October 11, 2018, Free Spirit Media hosted its fifth annual Founders’ Circle-Crucial Conversations at The Arts Club of Chicago. Founders’ Circle featured an illustrious selection of panelists: University of Chicago Professor Cathy Cohen, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, Burrell Communications Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Lewis Williams, InPathways Alumna, Angellic Ross, and The Real Chi Reporter, Samuel González Kelly. Each question centered on some aspects of the issues facing both the city of Chicago and the nation. The panelists expressed a passion for working towards a more free and just society where underrepresented voices can be heard and valued. They also challenged those with resources to be of service to youth who are leading us into the future. The panelists made it clear that the project of giving a platform to vibrant youth voices of color is one that deserves consideration from all members of society.


Check out the Founders’ Circle teaser and get a glimpse of what it was like to be there!

The Crucial Conversations are happening on Twitter as well! Tune in to the #FSMCrucial hashtag to engage with key questions posed by our panelists!


Photography by Yarnome Hamilton and Qurissy Lopez

Videography by Joshua Jackson, Evan Spralls (Camera 1), Simeon Frierson (Camera 2), Brianna Dorn (Camera 3), Weslie Thomas (Camera 4), Ricardo Segura (Audio), and Breon McIntosh (Technical Director)