FSM Staff represent on Teaching in the Arts Podcast

By FSM Communications


This week Free Spirit Media was asked to speak on the Teaching in the Arts Podcast!  Jeff McCarter shared FSM’s beginnings from Hoops High, to where we are today, and Brandon Johnson and Danielshé Rodgers discussed the joys, and struggles of teaching. 

"Talking on the Teaching in the Arts podcast was excellent. Sharing our thoughts on how our students are observing the media and taking the negative and making good things come from it is a life changing movement. Brandon and I both can relate to our students and their challenges for change. We share the same goals and aspirations as well, growing up on the West side of Chicago we also endured some, if not the same situations as our growing scholars. With our background and knowledge in filmmaking and graphic design we are dedicated in giving back to our community and opening new opportunities for the youth." -Danielshé Rodgers, Production Coordinator, NLCP Collins 

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