The Industry Pathways Cohort hosts pitch day, decides which script to produce

By FSM Communications

On Thursday, March 15 at Stage 18 Chicago, six different Industry Pathways Cohort members pitched their 15-page scripts to a panel of eight industry experts who would judge and ultimately decide which script should be produced this Spring. Joy Duson, Moesha Jones, Pascal Fernandes, Alexis Esparza, Angellic Ross and Elizabeth Tawose are the Cohort members who presented stories at pitch day. 

The pitches included information on the story, the style, inspiration, audience and market, business model and budget. The judging criteria included deciding if the project is feasible with the micro budget and could be filmed entirely in Chicago over two days. Stephanie Jeter (OpenTV), Gary Novak (DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts), Patrick Wimp (Digital Hydra), Richard Moskal and Thavary Krouch (The Chicago Film Office), Kayla Jones (Jazzy Peach Productions), and Marc Jones (Actor) joined as the judges. 

Joy Duson's pitch for "Fuzzy Legs," won the competition. "'Fuzzy Legs' is about a young, timid brown girl who begins middle school. She's wanting to go unnoticed but with her hairy legs, she stands out. Peers provoke her and bully her, and panic ensues as she questions beauty standards and what they mean to her," described Duson during her pitch. 

The script for "Fuzzy Legs" was written by Amber Eswani, who wasn't able to attend last night. 

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